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  • Find Out What Lenders See When They Check You
  • Check your Credit History as reported to Equifax, Experian & TransUnion
  • Look for differences in what’s been reported
  • Identify problem accounts, and take steps to minimise their impact
  • See the types of credit reported from your electric bill to your mortgage
  • View up to 6 years’ history of your repayment performance
  • Monitor Your Credit

See How Your Borrowing Has Changed

Using our summary borrowing chart, you can see up to 6 years’ history of your credit usage. This often shows a repeating cycle which you can look to address – such as increasing credit card debt being replaced by a personal loan and a resulting ever increasing step up in total borrowings.

View Your Current Credit Distribution

See a breakdown of your borrowings based on your latest Credit Report, and get an indication of your affordability, which is more closely assessed for sensitive credit applications such as mortgages or secured loans.

View Key Changes At A Glance

See when accounts are opened in your name, when you close accounts, if you miss a payment, if you enter arrears or if your lender records a default against you.

These key events can make a material difference to your checkmyfile Credit Score, which otherwise varies very slightly month by month, so keeping an eye on them makes it easy to identify a problem before

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View 2 Years’ Search History

Find Out Who Has Been Searching You And Why

Check for Credit Application searches at Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – see how often lenders check with at least 3 Credit Reference Agencies when you apply for credit – see the bigger picture, as lenders often do, by checking data at multiple agencies.

See Who Affects Your Credit Score

Unexpected Or Out Of Date Association?

See who is recorded as being financially associated to you at Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – these associations can be created when you apply for a joint account or guarantee a facility and do not automatically expire. Our team of professionally qualified Credit Analysts can help remove anyone who is no longer financial associated to you.

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